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A local 50 Things to Do offer can support the vital work of anyone who works with families. The 'always popular' activities, available in the free-to-access resources, are perfect for engaging parents and carers, perhaps planning sessions, or even supporting children's development through the play that they love.

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Uncover how libraries use the '50 Things to Do' app nationally to welcome and connect with local families. Special thanks to Wakefield and Suffolk Libraries.

Discover how museums in the British Isles are embracing the '50 Things to Do' app to foster connections and warm welcomes for families. Special thanks to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Bradford Museums and Wakefield Museums and Castles.

Listen to inspiring stories from childminders and nursery workers across the UK, sharing how they're enhancing their curriculum and home learning environments with '50 Things to Do' to make learning enjoyable for children.

What Frontline Practitioners are saying...

“50 Things to Do is a great resource to share with parents to give them some extra ideas on how to support their child’s language development at home and out and about.”
Chloe, Manager, Language Project

“[50 Things To Do] inspires families to do activities they can afford, bringing benefits to their children and increasing parents’ engagement in their children’s development.”
Sarah, Health Visitor

“I like the way you can use 50 Things in bite-size chunks - it has supported our engagement with families in a simplistic way to enable them to interact positively with their children”
Helen, Better Start Bradford

“50 Things to Do helps our Early Years Settings to open the conversation with parents. It provides an easy way to work with parents in a non-confrontational way to support a child’s development."
Cambridge City Council

Four reasons 50 Things to Do supports your work with children and families...

Signposting rather than instructing

50 Things to Do is an effective and non-judgemental way to engage with families, because it provides an alternative to directing parents about activities, instead offering suggestions to work through at home or on their doorstep, at their own pace, at little or no cost.

Exciting and recognisable activities for children and parents

When 50 Things to Do is used by multiple agencies, it provides a familiar reference point for families to spot and engage with, even in an unfamiliar environment. Children can swap stories about their experiences through the magic of the 50 Things to Do shared language, supporting their confidence and social development.

Perfect for planning your sessions

Because each of the 50 Things to Do are supported by evidence about which activities to support childhood development, and because each one is already tried and tested by children, they lend themselves brilliantly to lesson planning, playgroup activities, and event organising.

Accessible to all families

50 Things to Do is intended to be a universal offer for all families, meaning that we've consulted with families with different sorts of access needs to ensure the offer is available to them. We've created SEND adaptations for every activity, and integrated website translation into over 120 languages. Our printed posters and card packs are ideal for families who do not use digital devices.

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