What is 50 Things To Do?

"Every family should have access to 50 Things to Do, in every area of the UK"

Centre for Applied Education Research

50 Things to Do is a free multi-platform menu of fun activities, available in a localised app, website and printed resources. It’s based on the simple notion that access to life-changing, fun, low or no-cost experiences with family, indoors and outdoors, is a great way to support children’s development.

This place-based, parent-facing offer for Local Authorities and other public sector organisations is motivated by one vision: for every child to reach their important health, learning, and wellbeing milestones through a play-filled childhood.

50 Things to Do Initiatives

Each 50 Things to Do initiative uses the same low- or no-cost approach, tailored to a key age range. We work closely with each of our Commissioning Partners to create a truly localised offer which encourages families to engage with the places and spaces in their local area, such as museums and parks, groups and events.

Localised offers celebrate the diversity of individual communities across the country and acknowledge the need for an offer that represents and connects with local people. By encouraging children and families to explore their own local landscapes, communities and cultural venues alongside the local history that
defines the places they live and it increases the connection for families with the communities around them. 


Helps parents develop their home learning environment so that far more children thrive by the age of five.
As a result, more children develop the skills, language and resilience needed in school and beyond.

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Using the same low or no-cost approach, 50 Things to Do Ages Five to Eleven is designed to enable children who are or would be in Key Stages 1 and 2 to become increasingly independent in their own decision-making.

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 50 Things to Do’s non-judgemental approach supports parents to be more informed & inspired to do activities with their children and encourages positive changes in the home learning environment. This, consequently, leads to the positive outcomes of increased family engagement with their child’s learning and increased parental confidence. 50 Things to Do also supports a joined-up approach for Commissioning Partners and frontline practitioners, connecting agencies and professionals to provide consistent messaging in their support for local families, so that every child has the best chance to


50 Things to Do's affordable, simple and accessible approach helps parents feel more confident and capable, while supporting their children to play, learn and socialise.

For parents


The resources are a game-changing tool for educational settings, healthcare providers, childminders and more to connect with families through a simple, positive, shared goal.

For Practitioners


50 Things to Do helps local authorities and other Commissioning Partners to offer a holistic, effective, and joined-up intervention that can be utilised to engage families across services.

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The Model


Families discover the 50 Things to Do activities and resources through word of mouth, health visitors, doctors, schools, social media and more.


Mums, dads, and carers try out Activities for fun, low or no cost ideas that they can enjoy with children. They give them a go, adapt them, and come back to their favourites again and again.


They discover related words, stories, events and places, which empower them to deepen children’s learning and find new opportunities to socialise.


App users can save and share photos to look back on in the secure Memories section. They can also download Resources such as a special 50 Things to Do certificate.


Families play a more active role in their child’s development, helping to secure relationships between parent and child - in turn, promoting positive health and educational outcomes.

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The 50 Things To Do project is attracting national attention and we'd like you to be part of it. We are seeking further forward-thinking local authorities and other Commissioning Partners to join the 50 Things To Do initiative. It is our aim to make this opportunity available to every child and family in the country.

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