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50 Things Supports the National Week of Play 2021


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After a year of Covid restrictions, many playgrounds and outdoor settings have been closed which left many children and families unable to access these areas for play. The Early Years Alliance’s National Week of Play campaign has been brought together to inspire practitioners to encourage play and give parents ideas at home. 50 Things supports this campaign and we believe in play having a positive impact on children and their development. 


Not only is play a great source of physical activity, being able to interact with peers and investigate and discover new ideas can stimulate children’s creativity and imagination. 50 Things To Do Before You’re Five has been designed to support parents with activity ideas to do at home. Each activity includes additional information about the benefits and how it can help children’s health, learning and development. 


This year the Early Years Alliance has kindly asked 50 Things to be involved in their campaign by providing play ideas as part of their free resource pack. 


Click here to download the free 50 Things resource.


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