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My First Month At 50 Things To Do Before You’re Five


My First Day at 50 Things

I started my first day at 50 things filled with excitement and intrigue for my first industry job and my expectations were beyond met. To kick-start my day off, I attended the weekly staff meeting and I was introduced and welcomed into the team with open arms. The meeting allowed me to gain an insight into the current ongoing activities, as well as receive updates from the organisation to set me up to find my unique place within the organisation. This day was filled with different activities but the best task for me was visiting the local church. A group of ladies at the church is creating a tapestry piece of work for the project. These amazing ladies had set up a crafting group within the church and they create various individual pieces for different projects. I was kindly included in the production process and they taught me how to blanket stitch so I could get stuck in with helping. One of the nicest things about this is that my first contribution to the 50 things project will forever be displayed by the organisation. To bring the day to a close I reflected on how I felt the day went and my first impressions of the organisation.


Cliffe Castle: Walk, Talk, Draw and Discover

I attended two Walk, Talk, Draw and Discover (W, T, D & D) sessions at Cliffe castle; one exploring the grounds of the museum and the other exploring the museum’s interior. W, T, D & D is a chance for families with under 5s to explore parts of local museums and galleries with the promise of fun. It is carried out in sessions of 4, allowing the families and children to become familiar with the location. I absolutely loved this experience. I haven’t been to Bradford much before I worked here and it was a chance for me to explore what it has to offer in a unique way. We did all sorts of activities and visited many parts of Cliffe Castle, from drawing in the secret cave to exploring the glasshouse, to looking at the beautiful collection of paintings and artefacts inside the museum. The #08 Bubbles activity was a big hit with the children and myself, I especially enjoyed how the bubbles looked floating inside the cave.  One thing I treasured most about this experience is I got to see the Cliffe Castle through the eyes of the children, and I noticed a lot of things that I wouldn’t have paid attention to otherwise. Children pay attention to different things to adults, and it was a very enlightening experience. Something I found very refreshing is that while I was fascinated with the different themed rooms inside the museum, the thing that caught the children’s attention the most was the grand staircase!


My First Social Media Post

I took on the task in my first week at 50 things of making a social media post. This was exciting because I got to create the post from start to finish and allow my creativity to flow. Through this experience I learnt a lot, I reflected on what went well and what didn’t and then this prepared me accordingly for the creation of the posts that came after. The post I am most proud of so far is for ‘Tell a fairy-tale day’ on the 26th February. In this post I created the book graphic from scratch in a software programme for the post.

I’m very pleased to have started my journey at 50 Things and I hope to grow and develop alongside the 50 things project. I am overjoyed to be a part of the team and I’m eager to see what’s in store for this new chapter in my life.


Written by Nadiah El-Naqib 


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